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5 keys to design stands for luxury events

As the positioning of your brand is essential if you wish your company to become a benchmark, when designing a stand for luxury events you have to compete with the best to be able to stand out in the most exclusive commercial sector. An annual growth of 5% and an expected turnover of 517 billion euros in 2021 are the perfect guarantee for an industry that makes up for its high investments with important contracts and business in each event. Follow the advice of TCR AREA if you want your next stand to stay ahead of the competition and provide successful business.


Light plays a dramatic role that helps us decide what we want to highlight and what we prefer to conceal. Playing with light and shades can provide a touch of warmth and comfort, challenge our spatial perspective and even provide monumental character.

Warm light is perfect for spaces where you will contact potential customers, while white light is more effective to highlight the features of certain materials. As the combination of both requires a specialized design, at TCR AREA we have experts in electrical systems ready to give advice or implement the more convenient lighting for your stand for luxury events.


When designing a stand for luxury events, another challenge is to visually expand the space when working in limited areas. Privacy is vital to convey exclusivity, but the feeling of reclusion needs to be avoided.


The richness of sensations varies depending on the materials you use in the stand. For instance, if you use wood, you are able to have a simultaneous impact on 3 senses: sight, touch and smell. Composing a pattern between different materials is not always necessary, but combining them can result in an elegant balance that will take visitors to a unique sensory experience.


Related to the previous keys, the use of color needs to be aligned with the corporate image. Whether color is added to the design through light or with details in the materials, a possible rupture with the intention of the message needs to be avoided. At TCR AREA we use accessories to include the different hues in stands for luxury events. Although sometimes exclusivity is achieved with a minimalistic design, other times creating enveloping atmospheres linked to the brand image can attract customers in an effective way.

Other elements

Nowadays stands are expected to include technological elements that facilitate the interaction of visitors with the brand. Providing a stable Wi-Fi connection within the stand for video calls or cloud data processing is as basic as considering the possibility for potential customers to recharge their devices on site.

Finally, assigning an area with a bar where to have a coffee or cold beverages is part of the attention expected at a luxury stand, very easy to incorporate and with a positive impact on visitors.

Do you have any event coming up where you require the assistance of professionals in the design of a luxury stand? Tell us more about your brand and your goals. At TCR AREA we turn every project into a challenge to take innovation and creativity to the limit, fulfilling the highest expectations of the exhibitor.