5 claves para diseñar stands para ferias en el extranjero parte I - Salón Automóvil Ginebra - TCR AREA

First time you attend an international trade fair? 5 keys to design stands for shows abroad. Part 1

As the international promotion of your company is a high-impact marketing action, at TCR AREA we design stands for shows abroad with the quality required to promote your brand. We take up the challenge it implies to coordinate an international project, taking into account the circumstances and conditions of each region.

Designing stands is a complex and multidisciplinary task that is constantly evolving. As each project is based on ever-changing cultural and commercial environments, the design of stands for international trade shows takes into consideration production costs, but also the required communication channels and the entire operational logistics. Today we will provide basic tips that will be key to shaping your stand at an overseas trade fair.

1. Communication channels adapted to the local culture

When designing a stand to be used outside your country, it is essential to take into account the customs and traditions of the country where the trade fair is held. Most visitors will be local agents, it is therefore important to revise the texts and icons used in the assembly of the stand. All communication needs to be done in the local language, using graphic images that are recognizable and understandable by all audiences so that, regardless of your destination, you can effectively promote your products or services.

2. Define goals

The goals of the stands at international trade fairs may vary depending on the commercial profile of the company. Do you attend the event to launch a new product or business line? Do you intend to improve your brand image in the international arena? Will you require PR actions? Each of the goals will affect the communication tone of the stand. It is important to define this paragraph before getting in touch with the professional design team because, even though new ideas can be defined with communication experts, the goals must be specific to the company.

3. Selecting suppliers

In general, when you attend a trade fair abroad, the organizer of the event (or even the company in charge of the facilities) will provide a list of suppliers to cover the different aspects of your project. As these suggested suppliers comply with quality standards in their services, the error margin can be reduced both in manufacturing times and delivery logistics. You will always have the option of contacting external companies, but you run the risk of increasing prices, delivery dates or even lower quality materials.

4. Communication of the project

With the aim of optimizing the manufacturing processes for the design of the stand, we at TCR AREA always send packages with detailed information in advance to suppliers. Regardless of the type of project, we mail a presentation letter that includes a budget, details of the tender, contact information and a content list. Sharing all this information clearly and concretely allows for greater control of the situation and limits the possibility of unforeseen events.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations

When building any kind of structure, there are different rules and regulations to comply with. Each geographical area has its own safety protocols and different material standards. For instance, building a stand in an exhibition area located in a seismic region will involve the compliance of bylaws for the prevention of disasters in the event of an earthquake, in addition to the standardized fire, safety and health norms.

If you follow these first 5 tips, we assure you that you will start off on the right foot when designing a stand for international trade fairs. We at TCR AREA want you to present your best brand image and we have therefore brought together a team of professionals specializing in the design of stands for trade shows abroad with the capacity of coordinating the event regardless of the destination. Is there an international trade fair you would like to attend as an exhibitor? Contact us today to tell us your objectives and we will start working on your project.