First time you attend an international trade fair? 5 keys to design stands for shows abroad. Part 2

First time you attend an international trade fair? 5 keys to design stands for shows abroad. Part 2

If you have already read our post about the design of stands for trade fairs abroad, you will surely want to find out more keys to promote your company overseas. As we at TCR AREA have experience in helping the most diverse companies stand out at all kinds of events, we have prepared a second set of tips to make the best stand for international trade fairs come true.

  1. Specialized suppliers

The design of a stand can require multiple specialized developments, such as the building of stages, interactive digital elements or printing and signage materials. We recommend distributing the elements among different suppliers so that each one of them receives the required level of attention, achieving a more efficient manufacturing of the ensemble.

If you put your trust in one single supplier, they might not deliver the same quality in each development. Regardless of the option you choose, the coordination and communication between the companies you hire are key to obtain the stand you need.

  1. Travel logistics for the team

The stand needs to be serviced by a previously selected commercial staff. You need to make sure that all participants have the necessary documents and requirements to go on the trip. Once all attendants confirm their presence, it is vital to make their travel arrangements. If you book the bus, train or plane tickets in advance, it will be easier to reduce costs.

Sometimes, and depending on the importance of the event, the organizing team provides transport options to all participating companies; this is a good option to reduce even more this item in your budget.

  1. Accommodation and expenses arrangements for the team

When planning where the company representatives will stay, you need to take into account there are executive hotels close to the fair grounds that are effective to save time and money in transfers.

Check whether the hotel offers special promotions for groups of workers, including only accommodation or also with half or full board options. In any case, international trade fairs usually offer one or two meals in the area close to the fair grounds for all participants. If you are interested, do not forget to inform the organization how many of your employees will use this service.

  1. Shipment logistics for exhibition materials

In order to have the best presence possible at a stand for an international trade fair, we recommend taking samples of the most representative products included in your catalogue. When designing the stand, it is important to know which samples will be displayed so that the professionals at TCR AREA highlight them at the exhibition. Likewise, the shipment of these materials to the fair needs to be guaranteed. Allow enough time for the shipments to arrive to the country where the fair will be held, around 2 to 3 weeks.

  1. Agenda of the event

This is not only about being visible and obtaining sales opportunities abroad, you should always have commercial goals in mind. If you already have contacted a client or supplier in the country where the exhibition will take place, set a meeting at the stand of the international trade fair. You will improve the networking and increase the possibilities of getting new business.

As our team at TCR AREA is committed to providing the best project to provide you with the brand image you are looking for, get in touch with our professionals specializing in the design of stands for trade fairs abroad. You will not find a better ally to break down boundaries and reach new international horizons.