TCR AREA’s latest projects in stand design and construction for international trade fairs

As in previous years, we at TCR AREA are involved in different stand design and construction projects for international trade fairs. From different sectors, with diverse goals and special features, we once again have to step up to the challenge and not only outdo ourselves in terms of creativity, but also ensure the functionality of each space in order to achieve the customer’s satisfaction as a final goal.

With the aim of keeping you up to date with the latest news in the sector, we present the calendar of events in which we will participate in the second half of 2019, always providing the maximum versatility when it comes to proposing the right space at the right time.

CSIO Barcelona

One of our favorites is, without a doubt, Barcelona’s international equestrian event. A project we are passionate about and in which we have been working for several years. The 108th Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ is the most important horse riding show in the international equestrian calendar of events. As it is already a tradition, the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona will host the different equestrian sports. The participation of TCR AREA in CSIO Barcelona will focus, as in previous years, on the construction of the restaurant area and the VIP pavilion. Due to its international sports nature, each edition of CSIO is a challenge for the entire team at TCR Area, a chance to put our skills to the test and outdo ourselves.

Veeva R&D Summit

The annual gathering of pharma, biotech, and medical device and diagnostics leaders is the perfect setting for R+D benchmarks, a meeting point to present new practices and the prospects of the avant-garde pharmaceutical sector. As for the organization of trade fairs and stands, the challenge posed by this kind of events is to take the brand image to a passable and interactive space, which is able to connect with health professionals focusing on technological innovation.


Platform for the exhibition of trendsetting textile and garment technology, both the ideas and solutions for the business growth of the sector are explored at ITMA. In general, the stand construction companies that work at this trade fair require space to display and show textile machinery. Finding the balance between welcoming visitors at the stand and allowing the transit of people is one of our favorite challenges.


The World Congress for Gastrointestinal Cancer gathers the main experts in Gastroenterology, Oncology, Pathology and Hepatology, as well as clinical researchers from all over the world to share pioneering researches, approaches and the best practices in the treatment of patients with this kind of diseases. Due to ESMO’s nature, the stands focus on being austere and highly functional. Creating a welcoming stand is therefore a very challenging task for us as designers.

Marseille international Fair

With the aim of promoting international artisanal products, the Marseille international Fair gathers artists, artisans and exhibitors from all around the world. A space conceived for buying and selling artisanal products that becomes the ideal context for fostering and planning territorial marketing activities in order to carry out tourist promotions on an international level.  Stands have a unique style based on the products sold in them. The trade fair takes place outdoors, therefore the experts in stand design need to take into account the weather conditions.

EADV Congress

One of the most relevant platforms in the field of Dermatology and Venereology is the EADV Congress, where the latest research and developments linked to these specialties are presented. The congress is the perfect setting for the exposition and debate of a wide range of issues: from topical corticosteroids to biological products for skin diseases, acne medications, inflammatory diseases or long-term antibiotics, among many others. The dynamic stands focus on the design of the packaging of creams and products and we as stand producers aim to combine functionality and the personality of each brand.

These are some of the international trade fairs, events and congresses that keep TCR Area very alert. As a company specializing in the organization, design and assembly of stands, and backed by our participation in world-renowned fairs such as the Mobile World Congress, INFARMA or Alimentaria, we are ready to face any kind of challenge. Whether in an exhibition hall, a hotel or outdoor premises, we are capable of adapting to any venue, preparing functional spaces that will make your proposal unique.