Stand construction and assembly

Durability and reliability are the principal characteristics of exhibition stands constructed and assembled by TCR AREA. Our many years of experience and professional practice validate the quality of our stands.

Our exhibition stand design company is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals with experience in the construction and assembly of many types of exhibition space.  In addition, we have the tools and skills necessary to solve any problems that may arise. Our engineers, electricians and carpenters form an elite team that controls every detail of the development process. As part of the design & construction process our team considers the position of architectural elements such as columns, ceiling heights, access points and emergency regulations in order to define the creation of the build.  These elements help us to define the flow of people so that screens, information, furniture, architectural structures & graphics can be positioned in the best way so that your company stands out from the rest.

Time is always of the essence therefore TCR AREA carefully plans objectives and employs the best professionals in order to put up quality stands in record time.

Depending on your requirements for fairs, expositions or conferences we can offer you a variety of options:

– Modular

– Portable and reusable

– Custom

– Designer