Stand Design

At TCR AREA we know that success in stand design means reaching your target audience. In addition to being attractive and making an impact, stands should deliver a clear and compelling message that attracts visitors and leaves them satisfied. Various factors must be taken into account in order to achieve these goals, such as the space, location, design, the lighting and the type of product or service that is being promoted.  All of these factors vary and must be planned deliberately and strategically in conjunction with the client.

At our exhibition stand design company, we listen to our clients’ ideas and we adapt ourselves to their needs and preferences. Together we plan & develop the distribution and placement of all the aesthetic elements of the stand.

A stand created by TCR AREA is a piece of ephemeral architecture that becomes the showcase for an entire company. Target audiences must be reached and influenced to position your brand and generate new business relationships. The objective is to create environments that function and breathe life into spaces, making them original, impacting & unique.  Your space must emotionally connect and leave an leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Our designs range from daring and cutting-edge to classically sophisticated. Nothing limits the imagination of our creative team when we set out to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Innovation, strategic support, graphic design and external management are the tools that we put at our clients’ disposal so that, put simply, their stand shines out from the rest.

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